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When innovative Medical Technology is helped
by proven strategic team and supported financially,
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About Us

We strive to become the partner of choice for small and medium size medical device manufacturers with significant international upside potential to build a global medical device company.

We believe that acquisition is a success when benefits accrue to both parties in an equitable manner; they are built on shared respect of the product and agreed upon goals.

MedPath Investment Criteria

  • Differentiated high value device
    • Address unmet /unsatisfied need
    • Approved in 1+ substantive region
    • Positive patient outcome
    • Positive promotional response
  • Quality supply chain
    • Low defect and return rate
    • Cost of goods < 25% at low volume
    • Scalable
  • Retain key personnel
    • Continuity of operation
    • Preserve value after exit
  • Known competitive landscape
    • Quantifiable competitive presence
    • Limited new entry

Our Management Team

Christian Sauvageau, CEO

Christian Sauvageau is a senior executive with over 30 years of strategic and operational leadership in global commercial development in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.
He held CEO positions in Canadian and global medical device companies.

Daniel Cloutier, President

Daniel Cloutier is CEO of LOK Corporation International Inc., a private company servicing the medical device industry as manufacturer agent worldwide. He has more than 20 years of experience in sales and distribution from leading public medical device Companies.

Robert Lelovic, CFO

Certified CPA, CA, with 18 years of experience working with private and public companies.

Joan Daigneault, Marketing

Marketing and communication expert with more than 30 years in medical field in Canada and Europe.

Danny Greene, Operations

Certified CPA, CA with 30 years of leadership and experience in finance, supply chain, human resources, IT

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